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T & D Surveyor 2


Surrey, BC, CA

Branch: Gas
Affiliation: MoveUP
Employment Status: Full-Time Regular
Salary Min: $2,432.00

We’re looking for new talent to join us as we reinvent the future of energy. Across BC, we have a diverse team of more than 2,400 employees we can’t do without, yet we’re growing as fast as ever.

You may think we’re your standard utility that delivers natural gas and electricity, but we’re also into cool, innovative energy solutions. Think carbon capture, renewable energies and lower-carbon transportation for a start. We believe in creating a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.

If you like meaningful work, a dynamic environment and forward-thinking colleagues, build your career with us. You’ll get opportunities to grow, lead, solve, and create. So what are you waiting for? Let’s rethink energy together.


  • Performs field surveys involving the use of instruments such as transit, level, M scope and pin locator, to produce accurate data for the construction of extensions or alterations to existing gas mains and services, including:
    • checking accuracy of survey information for a given area against legal survey plans obtained from Land Title offices, municipal halls, construction sites and local survey firms;
    • calculating and noting distances and bearings to establish accurate running line references;
    • applying survey instruments on site to locate existing underground gas pipelines, other underground services and utilities and proximity to property lines to confirm related legal requirements from a legally accurate survey point in relation to property lines and road allowances designated in legal maps and reference documents; 
    • establishing location of property easements not previously identified;
    • making field notes and/or sketches of survey results, such as topographic maps, profiles, drawings, building locations, objects or foreign utilities on or crossing potential running line;
    • alerting planners to site peculiarities not originally considered such as updates to legal requirements and site obstructions; recommending running line plan alternatives;
    • providing technical advice to and assisting construction crews on location in making changes to directions and distances concerned with small and large pipe installations; confirming accuracy of pipe depth at initial stages of installation ; informing crews of any needs for change;
    • positioning portable traffic warning signs to ensure safety of survey crew and positioning markers and stakes to preclude accidental injury to the public;
    • initiating field assignment meetings with Planners and work leader to gain understanding of daily project assignments and related difficulties.
  • Reviews and revises GCO staking copies indicating items such as reference lines, unstaked existing gas and water service locations, footage and surface cover requirements, sidewalk and curb conditions.
  • Checks relativities between project plans and "as built" through contact with Construction and Maintenance foremen or superintendents, noting changes to account for obstructions encountered during construction.
  • Prelocates property lines (P/L), easement P/L's, right-of-way, unmarked legal areas and all existing underground utilities to assist planner in selecting a suitable running line.
  • Searches for and/or obtains legal survey architectural and engineering plans from Land Registry Office, municipal and civil offices, construction sites and local survey companies.
  • Provides technical advice and directs work activities of one or more T & D Surveyor 1's and Flagpersons as required.
  • May be required to act as a T & D Surveyor 1.
  • May be required to perform road work survey duties such as grades and elevations for road and sewer lines and gate and regulator station layouts.
  • May be required to perform drafting duties of a minor nature such as plotting or tracing information onto various maps.
  • Performs duties of a minor nature related to the above duties including driving a vehicle which do not affect the rating of the job.


  • Minimum of an Engineering Technician Certificate in Surveying Technology from a recognized institution
  • A minimum of 8 months experience as a Transmission & Distribution Surveyor 1 or equivalent.

Our engaging workplace offers a wide range of challenging opportunities, while being safe, inclusive and diverse. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, while supporting life-long career development. We also encourage volunteerism and nourish the need to give back to your community.


The safety of our customers and FortisBC family members is our number one priority. Depending on the responsibilities of the job, some employees work remotely and some in office. To ensure the safety of our employees on our job sites, there is strict adherence to our worksite safety plans and social distancing practices. As an essential service provider, we’ll continue to follow the government COVID-19 guidelines and adjust our plans as necessary. As we welcome new employees, our commitment to safety remains for all of our FortisBC family.


To learn more about the recruitment process with FortisBC, please visit the You’re Applying. What now? page for additional information. 

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