We offer in-house distribution apprenticeships throughout our natural gas service areas across the province and power line technician apprenticeships in our electricity service area of the Southern Interior of BC. Ready to gain real world experience and skills for a rewarding career in trades?

Distribution assistant

Our success relies on having highly skilled natural gas field operations crews. You’ll work your way through a 24-month training program learning how to install, repair and service natural gas systems.

Communications, protections & controls technologist apprenticeship

Our technologists install, maintain and repair our telecommunication and electrical equipment across the Okanagan and Kootenays ensuring our power systems stay safe and in top performance. This is a four-year electrician apprenticeship where you’ll be supported in becoming a journeyman electrician. Please note: you must have a two-year engineering technologist diploma to apply.

Pre-apprenticeship and power line technician apprenticeship

As a pre-apprentice, you’ll get in-house, hands-on job training in this temporary position (up to six months), that’ll not only prepare you for our power line technician apprenticeship positions, but also put you on the road to becoming certified in your trade. Our power line techs are highly-specialized and responsible for constructing and maintaining our power lines and responding to customer needs. Applicants for this apprenticeship should complete our pre-apprenticeship training program.