Fostering a culture of belonging

Fostering a culture of belonging.








Our Statement of Principles 

Recognizing that our people are the energy behind our success, we’re furthering our commitment to a more inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace for our entire FortisBC community, which we know from experience will help us power business results, now and in the future. Our workforce vision is to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, while promoting a culture where employees connect, belong and grow.

Our vision is to:

  • Enhance a culture of belonging. Drive inclusion, diversity and equity to support our employees and promote the well-being of the communities we serve.
  • Challenge our thinking and actions. Engage in conversations with curiosity, and empathy to learn from each other and grow together.
    • Broaden our awareness. Understand and respect differing cultures, backgrounds, identities, ideas, approaches and perspectives. Encourage diversity of thought in our decision-making.
    • Bring together a full mix of people. Create an environment that can make the most of that mix. Seek better ways of positioning our business for continued success.
    • Ensure fair opportunity and access for all. Strive to meet our workforce’s needs consistently. Support our FortisBC community to thrive so we can better meet the needs of our customers.

Cultivate together. Thrive as one.

Our collective success depends on our individual contributions. We want every member of our FortisBC community to:

  • Connect meaningfully. Create an environment where everyone around you is comfortable being their authentic self. Ensure you invite, welcome and respect different perspectives.
  • Be curious. Ask questions and have open conversations. Recognize how your thinking and actions impact others.
  • Get involved. Look for intentional connections across interests and identities. Tap into the power of our colleagues and participate in our many employee-driven networks to chart the way forward.
  • Share who you are with us. Let’s learn from each other’s unique backgrounds. Recognize the strength in our collective diversity to support our workforce and our business.
  • Speak up. If you have a concern, share your perspective and encourage others to do the same. Take action, so we can learn and grow.
  • Tell others who we are. Reach out to your networks. Invite skilled and talented people to consider joining FortisBC.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives 

We’re taking part in, and initiating, programs and practices that help foster diversity, equity and inclusion in our company and our communities. These include (but are not limited to):

Carmen Driechel, FortisBC with Elder, Isabelle Charles, from Cowichan Tribes at the Sc’ianew First Nation in 2019

Our values

Our values are the foundation of everything we do. We are:

  • safe
  • customer centric
  • collaborative
  • respectful
  • progressive

Safety always comes first. We value our customers above all else. We work collaboratively with customers, businesses, communities, governments and Indigenous Peoples. We’re respectful and always seek better ways.

Our culture

We’re all drawn to places where we can be our true selves. An inclusive, respectful culture, with an eye to the future, is what we’re about. Our employees have diverse backgrounds and experiences, bringing our values to life. Many enjoy long-standing careers of 10, 20 and even 30 years and more!

Making connections

Our employees thrive on making connections at work. We’re here to support your generous spirit with lots of volunteer and giving opportunities near and dear to your heart (including a 50 per cent donation match to a charity of your choice). Want to connect with your colleagues about something important to you? We have a variety of clubs, committees and teams, including the Indigenous Employee Circle and our Innovation and Sustainability Ambassadors.