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Measurement Analyst 2


Burnaby, BC, CA

Branch: Gas
Affiliation: MoveUP
Employment Status: Full-Time Regular
Salary: $2,324.00 bi-weekly

We’re looking for new talent to join us as we reinvent the future of energy. Across BC, we have a diverse team of more than 2,500 employees we can’t do without, yet we’re growing as fast as ever.

You may think we’re your standard utility that delivers natural gas and electricity, but we’re also into cool, innovative energy solutions. Think carbon capture, renewable energies and lower-carbon transportation for a start. We believe in creating a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.

If you like meaningful work, a dynamic environment and forward-thinking colleagues, build your career with us. You’ll get opportunities to grow, lead, solve, and create. So what are you waiting for? Let’s rethink energy together.


  • Performs a wide variety of duties related to determining gas deliveries to Industrial and Transportation Customers, Pipelines, Stations and other major measurement facilities including:
    • Analyzing measurement data from various field recording devices by monitoring trends, scrutinizing totals and comparative analysis;
    • Researching data to determine factors for input to gas measurement computer programs used to produce gas volume and energy calculations;
    • Analyzing computer program output data to ensure the integrity of the resultant gas volume calculations;
    • Scrutinizing meter inspection reports prepared by field personnel for accuracy and completeness; investigating discrepancies found and recommending resolution to field personnel.  Using information from meter inspection reports, historical data and experience, calculating volumes of gas used by a customer during periods when meters are out of service., for entry onto gas sales volume statements;
    • Assessing metering and instrument parameters to ensure the integrity of the resultant gas volume calculations;
    • Developing and maintaining spreadsheet programs used for gas volume and energy calculations for generating hourly and daily statistical reports used by Management, other Company departments and gas suppliers for the purpose of system balancing, budgeting purposes and historical records;
    • Analyzing resultant gas delivery data and processing monthly volume and energy statement to provide Transportation Services and Customer Administration departments with the final billable usage.
  • Operates monitors and adjusts data acquisition systems that collect measurement data from the field recording devices including:
    • Configuring programs to collect data and calculate Energy consumption;
    • Analyzing incoming data and initiating corrective action and resolutions and refers complex problems to specialists;
    • Downloading measurement data into precise format required for entry into measurement computational programs;
    • Liaising with field personnel to investigate discrepancies, resolve problems and ensure accuracy and timeliness of data;
    • Working with data acquisition system suppliers and support personnel to report deficiencies and resolve problems.
  • As a result of analyzing daily customer data, investigates and resolves a variety of Measurement discrepancies, including:
    • Investigating reports of stopped and malfunctioning meters, estimating under-metered consumption, and initiating appropriate billing adjustments;
    • Verifying meter readings and possible reading errors, obtaining gas consumption information and explaining reasons for abnormal usage;
    • Estimating consumption when actual meter readings are not available for when customer rate transfers occur.
    • Contacts customers to verify load usage for estimating purposes and verification of functioning metering devices;
    • Notifies Gas Marketers of inaccuracies in Measurement Data;
    • Initializing orders for stopped meters to be checked and verified by Field Technicians or exchanges by Work Management Centre.
  • Determines gas quality data to be used in calculating gas volumes and for converting volumes to energy including:
    • Scrutinizing data from field devices by monitoring trends, checking control totals and performing comparative analysis;
    • Allocating gas quality and energy data to geographic areas by analyzing pipeline flows and pressures;
    • Ensuring that data is transferred to other computer programs, within prescribed deadlines, supporting billing of Residential/Commercial/Industrial customers.

  • Initiates and maintains a records of exact specifications of each customer's metering equipment pertaining to such items as elevation about sea level and local atmospheric pressure for:
    • Inputting into gas volume calculator programs
    • Investigating discrepancies in above data and initiating changes/corrections as required.
  • Develops and produces a variety of statistical and adhoc reports that summarize measurement data for internal and external customers.
  • Performs a variety of duties related to verifying the accuracy of Pipeline Interconnect (supplier) volumes including:
    • Scrutinizing suppliers statements to ensure that volume and energy calculations are correct;
    • Monitoring trends;
    • Performing comparative analysis against BC gas check measurement points to, Duke TCPL and SCADA;
    • Determining gas volumes used in Company operations;
    • Reviewing supplier inspection reports for accuracy and completeness.
  • Provides liaison and technical advice pertaining to Measurement Accounting matters;
  • Investigates field reports and alarms, initiates appropriate action for existing service and any billing adjustments.
  • Initiate and/or answer inquiries to and/or from internal and external customers related to volume and energy data and related statistics.  Also instructs external customers on manual reading and calculation of volumes off meters.
  • Trains and gives direction to junior staff (Measurement Analyst 1).
  • Performs a variety of Clerical duties of a minor nature related to that above which do not affect the rating of the job


  • High School Graduation including mathematics 12 and courses in business communications and office practices.
  • Completion of the Gas Distribution Self-Study Course (offered through GTI), or equivalent.
  • Completion of COMP 1401 (Programming Concepts), and COMP 2705 (Telecommunications Concepts), from BCIT, or equivalent courses
  • Twenty four (24) months directly related experience, exhibiting particular skill in processing, calculating verifying, editing, estimating and analyzing measurement data.
  • Ability to calculate and rationalize customer volumes, energy consumption, percentages, ratios and statistics.
  • Ability towards attention to detail in a high pressure environment
  • Ability to accurately solve problems while working with deadlines
  • Ability to work within a Team environment
  • Ability to follow established procedures
  • Ability to  bring innovation to the job
  • Ability to accurately organize and maintain customer information.
  • Fast accurate keyboard skills including the ability to format various types of correspondence, reports, forms and layout electronic spreadsheets.
  • Sound verbal and written communication skills
  • Commitment towards providing exceptional customer service.
  • Proficient knowledge of computer systems operation, environment and peripherals.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows environment and Office applications (spreadsheet, database, email, and word processing). Excellent working knowledge of AMR and Measurement Systems including: MICS, Metretek, Nertec, Telus, Mercury, Barton, Bristol, Energy and CICS.
  • Intermediate skills using MS Excel (templates, consolidations, pivot tables, macros).

Additional Information

  • Preference for candidates with education related to Natural Gas Measurement and/or Metering devices.  

Our engaging workplace offers a wide range of challenging opportunities, while being safe, inclusive and diverse. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, while supporting life-long career development. We also encourage volunteerism and nourish the need to give back to your community.


The safety of our customers and FortisBC family members is our number one priority. To ensure the safety of our employees on our job sites, there is strict adherence to our worksite safety plans and social distancing practices. As an essential service provider, we’ll continue to follow the government COVID-19 guidelines and adjust our plans as necessary. As we welcome new employees, our commitment to safety remains for all of our FortisBC family.


To learn more about the recruitment process with FortisBC, please visit the You’re Applying. What now? page for additional information. 

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