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Distribution Technician


100 Mile House, BC, CA

Branch: Gas
Affiliation: IBEW
Employment Status: Full-Time Regular
Salary: $40.87 Hourly
Workplace Flexibility: No
Posting End Date: Open until filled


As the province’s largest energy provider with more than 100 years of knowledge and experience, we proudly deliver renewable energy, natural gas, electricity and propane to 1.2 million customers. 


We're actively seeking new talent to join our mission of transforming B.C.'s energy landscape. As one of BC's Top Employers with a diverse team of over 2,600 employees, we are committed to a safe and inclusive culture where each of us can connect, belong, and grow. Join us, and together, let's shape a brighter future for B.C.


The duties and responsibilities of the position are intended to describe only the principal duties and responsibilities of a position. They are not meant to be either an inclusive or exclusive list of all work, tasks, and functions of any job. Incumbents may work independently and/or as part of a crew in performing job duties.


  • Will function as a Customer Service Technician and Distribution Mechanic in every respect and, when required and trained to do so, perform oxy-fuel welding procedures.
  • Safely performs the installation, commissioning, alteration, surveys, maintenance, diagnostics, troubleshooting and repair on all components of the gas distribution and transmission systems and assets, including but not limited to; pipe, fittings, meter sets (including Advanced Meter Infrastructure), mains and services, and responds to gas related emergencies.
  • Must be competent in a variety of skilled functions related to public safety, consumer relations and the welfare of company property. Shall offer customers technical and promotional advice and be knowledgeable with the relative advantages of natural gas for these uses.
  • Must carry out follow-up maintenance programs and troubleshooting to a wide range of gas burning equipment and associated control media as required to identify safety issues and to make safe the appliance.
  • Must exercise good judgment in carrying out remedial action and/or suspending service with proper follow-up action under codes and other requirements.
  • Must construct, test, and certify piping installations, metering and gas pressure regulating equipment to appropriate standards and governmental codes.
  • Shall be required to repair and adjust service to all equipment used in the residential and commercial field to the maximum input allowed under the Grade B or lesser certificate/license as authorized by the BC Safety Authority to any customer’s equipment with a flame guard safety such as thermocouple, thermobulb or bimetal element.
  • Shall install and field-maintain gas measurement and pressure regulation equipment including performing PFM and other work (including all meter sets that utilize a single run configuration, with or without a bypass).
  • Shall carry out a variety of tests related to gas utilization involving the testing for and measurement of O2, CO, CO2, CH4 and other products of combustion and take remedial action.
  • Conduct hazard and leak survey on above and underground leak classifications, identify hazards, and repair as required. Shall investigate, locate, and categorize gas leakage on an emergency, and take all necessary action to protect the public and eliminate hazard.
  • Proficient in underground line locating, including the identification and coordinating of other utilities underground facilities.
  • Shall carry out surveys, installations, and maintenance of all components of distribution system and gas burning equipment at company locations involved in the distribution of natural and other gases.
  • Shall handle emergency incidents such as fires, explosions, asphyxiations, unplanned outages and in so doing, take certain initiatives and cooperate with fire, police and other authorities and other company groups.
  • Shall be responsible for the operation of portable L.N.G. vaporization equipment including purging operations, liquid transfer, putting on and off line in a safe and efficient manner and for the overhaul of all mechanical components on such equipment.
  • Shall operate a variety of tools and equipment associated with the delivery of the above.
  • Shall carry out a variety of other duties as required.


  • High school graduation.
  • A minimum of two years’ relevant utility field experience typically gained by holding the Distribution Mechanic classification.
  • For incumbents who do not hold a valid Utility Ticket, Provincial Grade B gasfitters license or higher relevant certification from an accredited post-secondary institution and/or relevant piping Red Seal trade designation, they may be required to complete additional training as determined by the Company within the first twenty-four (24) months.
  • Demonstrated ability to apply knowledge of Gas Installation and Distribution Systems, included comprehensive understanding of theory and operation of material and equipment related to gas operations.
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and operate power-operated equipment, hand tools, and operational technological assets, including instruments used in gas operations.
  • Demonstrated ability to remain calm and make effective, immediate decisions during emergency situations that may affect the safety of the public, contractors, and other employees. 
  • Demonstrated safe work habits and adherence to safety regulations.
  • Ability to learn pipefitting and meter setting.
  • Demonstrated ability to deal effectively with customers, resolve, and deescalate conflict with internal and external customers in a courteous and professional manner.
  • May be required to obtain relevant welding certification, such as the OAW welding ticket and PE fusion certificate, if required within twelve (12) months.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform physical duties pertaining to this role.
  • Demonstrated ability to clearly communicate in both verbal and written form.
  • Must be competent in a variety of skilled functions related to public safety, consumer relations, and the welfare of company property. This shall include troubleshooting a wide range of gas burning equipment to identify safety issues and to make safe.
  • As determined by the Company, incumbents may be required to work evenings and weekends, holidays, additional hours as required, and standby and shift rotation.
  • Valid class 5 driver’s license.

Additional Information

  • Standby/On-call requirements:  This role has standby/on-call requirements based on operational needs.
  • Residency requirements:  The successful candidate must adhere to the residency requirements of this position.
  • Overtime requirements:  This role has overtime requirements based on operational needs.
  • Travel/Out of town requirements:  This role has travel/out of town requirements based on operational needs.  
  • This position has a requirement to be clean-shaven as per WCB standards. 

Our engaging workplace offers a wide range of challenging opportunities, while being safe, inclusive and diverse. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, while supporting life-long career development. We also encourage volunteerism and nourish the need to give back to your community.


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